Heat is the energy transferred between two things due to differences in temperature between them.Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of an object.Heat flows from a region of high temperature to that of low temperature.There are 3 methods of heat transfer namely conduction,convection,and radiation.

1. Conduction-This is the movement of heat in particles of solids.Conductors allow heat to pass through them.Examples are iron,steel,copper,zinc

2. Convection -This is the transfer of heat in liquid and gas

3. Radiation-This is the transfer of heat among materials through space.

Absorption of heat-As heat reaches an object,it may be reflected,absorbed,or allowed to pass through it.Polished or shiny surfaces reflect much heat while dull or dark coloured surfaces absorb much heat.

1Explain heat transfer in water
2What is a black body?


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