Welcome to All Saints’ Secondary School. A school where good morals meets with academic excellence. Our School is a catholic institution which was set up as a fulfillment of the church’s moral obligation to educate the total child, and in the long run create a society that flourishes with people of good moral and academic standings.

Set up in 1997, All Saints’ Secondary School has continued to thrive in the provision of quality and affordable education for all. For two decades, we have excelled in academia; producing great men and women of excellence who have been helpful to themselves and to the society at large. Ours is an institution where young minds are groomed and nurtured as to face the tasks ahead. We also equipped the students with the requisite skills that will enable them to fit in and survive in any given environment.

We’ve recorded milestone achievements in academics over the past two decades. We employ the best of teachers who are professionals in their different fields of study. The school is furnished with educational facilities that helps to enhance learning. We have the ICT lab fully equipped with computers and other ICT devices where the students have their practical lessons. We have the food & nutrition lab where we teach the students the basic skills required in the kitchen. Here the students learn how to prepare different snacks and dishes, both local and intercontinental. We have the science department which comprises of biology, physics and chemistry laboratory.

We have a serene environment for learning with spacious well ventilated classrooms with cooling system to ensure that the classes are conducive for learning.

We have also excelled in the area of sports. We have different sports facilities required for the physical fitness of the students. These include the lawn tennis court, table tennis, basketball, baseball, dartboard, the football pitch. etc.

The school also run school clubs like the science clubs, press club, vocational club, drama club etc which helps to sharpen the minds of the students as well as bring them to the reality of the day.

We also have a newly commissioned state-of-the-art boarding facility for students. Both the boys and the girls hostel are fully equipped with every boarding facility needed to make the environment very conducive for the boarders.

Away from academics, the school is also saddled with the responsibility of inculcating good morals into the students. Being a catholic school, we teach students the doctrines and practices of true Christianity as well as how to become better citizens of the country. Holy Masses are being conducted for the students from time to time to help guide them in the path of truth.

Come, join us and become a part of our success story. Register your child/ward into this prestigious institution as we soar to greater heights to becoming the best, not just in Oyigbo and its environs but in the country at large.