A number of courses are being done in the Senior School [SS1 – SS3]. For the first year [SS1], students are required to do all the courses which include;

*English Language                                       *Geography                           *C.R.K

*Mathematics                                              *Chemistry                            *Agricultural Science

*Lit-In-English                                             *Physics                               *Commerce

*Further Mathematics                                   *Account                              *Economics

*Biology                                                      *Government                         *Civic Education

*Computer/Data Processing


Starting from the second year (SS2), courses are split into two major categories viz; Science courses and Art Courses


*Mathematics                            *Chemistry

*English                                    *Physics

*Biology                                   *Agricultural Sc.

*Geography                              *Further Mathematics




*English                                                *C.R.K

*Mathematics                                        *Accounts

*Lit-In-English                                       *Commerce

*Agricultural Science                             *Government


N/B: English, Mathematics, Computer/Data Processing/Computer, Civic Education are all compulsory for each of the categories. Students are given the opportunity to choose the course category they want in line with their chosen career.