At All Saints Secondary School:

*We run an open-door admission policy. We admit prospective students into our boarding house irrespective of their ethnicity, color, language, nationality or religious affiliations.

*We maintain that all prospective boarders must meet our admission requirements which include the school age policy, entrance examination, previous school records, payment of tuition as well as other fees as outlined by the school.

*We require that all prospective students will have to sit for an entrance examination/placement test, to confirm their eligibility for the class they applied for.

*All official documents including those showing the student’s medical, allergies [if any], type of diet etc, should be submitted, received and verified before admission is given.

*Candidates with special needs [handicapped] must have the necessary documentation forwarded to the principal’s office before any decision can be made.

*Every other hostel requirement as outlined by the school must be provided before admission is given.

*The school reserves the right at it’s discretion to deny admission to any candidate who fails to meet all the requirements for admission into the school.



Our tuition, as well as other fees for our hostel accommodation are very low and pocket friendly compared to other schools who offer our kind and quality of service. As a Catholic school, we have the moral obligation to provide quality education services in the most serene environment with the primary aim of educating the total child and creating a moral and intellectual society. We lay more emphasis on service delivery with corresponding results, and less on profits. We ensure that our fees are generally affordable by the average income earner.


This is a compulsory examination/placement test, aimed at testing the eligibility of the prospective students to the classes they applied for. It is a prerequisite for admission into the school. One has to beat or at least meet the required cut-off mark in other to secure admission into the school.


Boarding Requirement:

  1. A black school bag

  2. 1/2 dozen each of white singlets, pants or boxers (for boys)

  1. 1/2 dozen each of white pants, bra and under wears (for girls)

  1. 2 pajamas (for boys).

  2. 1 night gown / 1 pajamas (for girls)

  3. 1 hair net and 1 shower caps (for girls)

     7.  3 packets of sanitary tower ( always (for girls)

    8.  2 towels (medium sizes)

   9. 2 face towels

   10. 6 white handkerchiefs

   11. Body cream

  12. Hair Pomade

  13.  A set of hair clippers

  14. 2 packets of detergent and 6 bar soaps for laundry

  15. 1 comb, 1 hair brush

  16. 1 dozen of toilet soaps for bathing

  17. 1 bucket, sponge and 1 disinfectant for bathing

  18. 1 white small bucket with cover and 1 toilet bag

  19. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  20. 1 pair of bathroom slippers

  21. 1 bottle of bleach

  22. 1 Wrapper

  23. 1 flash-light with spare batteries or rechargeable flash-light

 24. 1 dozen of tissue papers

 25.  Black shoe polish with brush

  26. Six hangers

  27. 1 drench-coat

  28.  2 white bedspreads

  29.  Blanket: Blue for boys and Red for girls

  30. 1 Holy Bible (Revised Standard Version) or Holy Qur’an

  31. 1 Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Of Current English

  32. Harraps French/English Dictionary/Larouse Livre de Conjugaison (conjugation book).

  33. 1 French Oxford Dictionary

  34. 1 revised church hymnal and 1 Catholic hymn book

  35.  2 black belts

  36.  1 drinking cup

  37. 1 bundle of broom

  38. 1 Hoe

  39. 1 Cutlass

  40 Disinfectant (Harpic or Izal)

  41. 2 pairs of blue jeans (for boys/girls) Trouser length

  42. 2 white T-Shirts for the jeans (T-Shirt with collar)

  43. 2 pairs of white shorts and T-shirts (sports wears)

  44.  A pair of white canvas shoes, and two pairs of white stockings

  45. 1 Home Economics set containing needle, thread, scissors, tape, pins etc.

  46. Customized school cardigan (available for sale in the school).