These clubs are set up to engage the students in practical work experiences that will enhance their skills as well as enlighten them in their different areas of choice. Some of the school clubs include;

*The science club: Here students are exposed to the practical steps involved in the scientific processes, analysis, experiments etc.

*The Press club: Here students get practical knowledge of the activities of the press; news gathering, sorting, editing, presentation etc.

*Vocational clubs: This is a skill acquisition program where students are empowered economically so they can be self reliant. Here students are trained on soap making, bead making, food and nutrition as well as other kinds of hand craft.

*Drama/Dance Club: This is another extra curricular activity children require for their physical and mental well being. Those who are talented in drama and dance are provided with the opportunity to showcase what they’ve got, as well as improve on them.

*Art club: Art, they say, is a means of self expression. Here students get the opportunity to harness their skills in the field of creative art: drawing, painting, sculpture etc.

*Jet Club: Here in this club, students pay attention to extensive research on science and innovations as well as other factors that “drive” the human society.

*Others include the health club, Anti-Drug club, Choral and Instrumental.

  N/B: Students are however given the opportunity to belong to more than one club if they so desire.