Here in our food & nutrition lab., we equip students with the basic skills they need to do well in the kitchen. It is also a good start-up for those who want to pursue a career in the field.

Food and Nutrition is a very important subject which prepares both boys and girls for family living. In the Food & Nutrition lab, students learn how to prepare different types of food; both traditional and continental as well as different types of snacks.

Some of the snacks prepared in the lab include cake, chin-chin, meat pie, fish roll, sausage roll, egg roll. We also make different types of ice cream, tasty fiesta french fried onions, saute potatoes, biscuits, bread etc.

We learn how to prepare traditional dishes like Oto-Mboro, Edikang-Ikong soup, Egusi soup, Mini-Wiri soup, Groundnut soup, Ogbono soup, Uha soup, Pounded yam, foo-foo, Ikpan-kuko, vegetable soup, akara akpu etc.

Continental dishes are not left out as we also learn how to prepare such dishes as fried rice, , chicken a la king brioches, scalloped potatoes, stovies, Spanish rice, Crepes, chicken tetrazzine, fish vegetable etc.

Our lab. is well equipped with different kinds of cooking equipment, protective materials to reduce kitchen accidents as well as fire extinguishers in case of any fire outbreak.