At All Saints Secondary school:

*We maintain an open-door admission policy. Admission into the school is open to all children irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, religion, race or nationality.

*We maintain that all prospective students must meet our admission requirements, which includes; school age policy, entrance examination, previous school records, payment of tuition fees, as well as other fees that has been outlined by the school.

*We require that all prospective candidates will have to sit for an entrance examination/placement test to confirm their eligibility for the class applied for.

*All official documents must be submitted, received and verified before admission can be offered.

*We request that any candidate with special needs [handicapped] must have the necessary documentation forwarded to the principal’s office before any decision can be made.

*The school reserves the right at its discretion to deny admission to any candidate who fails to meet all the aforementioned requirements for admission.



Our school tuition as well as other fees are low and pocket friendly compared to other schools who offer our kind and quality of service. As a catholic school, we have the moral obligation to provide quality education services with the primary aim of education the total child and creation a moral and intellectual society. We lay more emphasis on quality education and less on profit. We ensure that our services are generally affordable by the average income earner.


This is a compulsory examination/placement test aimed at evaluating & testing the eligibility of the prospective students to the classes applied for. This is a prerequisite for admission into the school. One has to beat or at least meet the required cut-off mark for admission to be given.

The test is usually administered prior to the start of a new academic year, and also at the beginning of every term to usher in new candidates.