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Week Six Topic; Inter- relationships of some Centers of Civilization in Pre-colonial Nigeria.


( Kanem- Borno/ Hausa States Relationship)

The fourteen Hausa states and Kanem Bornu empire related very well in the following areas before the coming of Europeans.

  1. Trade
  2. Political organization.
  3. Islam and origin of the two states.
  4. Unification of the two states.


  1. Trade

Kanem-Borno had some cultural similarities with the Hausa states, particularly in language and Islamic religion. These helped to create good trade relations.

The Hausa states and Kanem Bornu empire enjoyed trade relations through the famous trans saharan trade which went through West Africa states to the sahara desert down to Tripoli ( Libya ) in North Africa.


  1. Political Organization

Through the Kanem Bornu, the Hausa states learnt centralized political organization, where an absolute monarch with a council was in charge.


  1. Islam and Origin of the two states: (Kanem-Borno and Hausa states). The kingdom (Kanem-Borno) as early as the 11th century AD embraced Islam through Mai Umme Jilme ( 1085-1097 AD).

The Hausa states which emerged around 800 AD have a lot of it’s historical origin attached to Kanem Bornu.

It was believed that Bayajidda , a prince from Baghdad in the far east, came to east of Borno from where he migrated to Daura and later founded the Hausa states.


  1. The unification of the two states.

The fall of Kanem-Borno hastened the rise of some Hausa states like Sokoto and Kano.

The coming of the Europeans further facilitated their integration and final unification, since they already enjoyed a common Islamic religion and Hausa language.



  1. Write notes on the relationship between Ife and Benin Empire.

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