Away from academics, the school also takes pride in her numerous extra-curricular activities which is necessary for the physical and mental well-being of the students. These activities are there to equip the students with the rudimentary skills, intelligence, know-how and the ability to be self reliant and be able to survive in the average contemporary society.

The students grow up with the basic skills and abilities they need to face life after secondary school. Some of these activities include;

*Quiz Competitions

*Debate Competitions

*Speech Making

*Spelling Bee

*Article Writing

*Vocational Training (Which is done in the vocational club)

*Sports Competitions

*School Clubs


Our bi-annual Inter-house sports is usually held on the second term of every academic year. There are six [6] houses for the students to belong to. The different houses compete in different sporting events, some of which include athletics; 100m, 200m, relay race, marathon race. Others include short put, Javelin throw, Long jump, high jump, football, basketball etc. Below is a list of the different houses in the school;

*Purple house

*Red house

*Blue house

*Pink house

*Yellow house

*Green house

They say, ”All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. The Inter-house sports outing is usually aimed at keeping the students in shape, physically and mentally.