The school normally holds her resumption church service/thanksgiving at the beginning of every term, either on the first or second week of resumption. It is usually held there at St. Pauls’ Catholic Parish, Oyigbo, R/S.  This thanksgiving is held to thank God for the previous term well spent and also pray for a more fulfilling term ahead.

As a missionary school (catholic school precisely), the students are groomed in the catholic doctrines and faith.

The angelus is usually said at midday (12.00 noon) on every school day (Monday – Friday).

The students also recite the rosary ( 5 decades) on a daily basis.

 Masses are usually conducted for the students and special prayers said for the school, students, teachers as well as our parents.

The students are always in full participation of all other church activities including the May and October devotion, ash Wednesday, Stations of the Cross etc.

This we do to cater for the spiritual needs of the students, as well as groom them spiritually in the way of God.

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We hold our annual graduation ceremony at the end of every academic year, usually within the month of July. Its usually held in grand style at the school premises.

As a missionary school, special prayers are said; thanking God for a successful academic year and the journey so far, and asking God for a more successful year ahead.

The graduating students are usually appreciated with gift items for their outstanding performances and contributions to the school.

The mantle of leadership is usually passed on from the outgoing school prefects to those next in line.