OFFENSE                                                               PUNISHMENT

1. Lateness to school:

(07:31 – 08:00am)                                                     Lateness with grace

(08:01 and above)                                                    Punishable

2. Every student must attend assembly                      Punishable

or holy mass with his/her hymn book

failure to do so.

3. Noise making in the classroom                             Punishable

or along school corridor.

4. Littering/passing a litter-by                                   Punishable

5. Convicted act of stealing                                      Expulsion

6. Improper dressing                                               Warning and subsequent suspension

7. Unlawful gathering of students                              Suspension or expulsion as the case may be.

8. Rioting                                                                 Suspension and expulsion of ring leaders

9. Fighting a teacher for any reason                           Expulsion

10. Exam malpractice                                               Attracts zero (0)in the subject(S) concerned.

11. School fees must be paid at the bank                   School fees drive

Failure to do so after 2 weeks of resumption

12. Parents/guardian undue interference                    Dismissal of the child/ward.

in the school

13. Reshaping of school uniform                              Suspension and sewing of new one.

14. Absconding of students                                      Loss of candidature/option of fine for the                                                                                             period absent.

15. Failure in exams                                                 Repeat/fail out as the case may be.

16. Writing external examinations                              Automatic expulsion

from Jss2 or Ss2.

17. Bringing of parents/siblings to quarrel                  Automatic expulsion

with teachers or school authority.

18. Convicted act of mutilation or                             Automatic expulsion

manipulation of deposit slips.

19. Cultism if convicted                                            Expulsion

20. Waylaying/fighting on the street                           Expulsion of the student at fault

with fellow student(s).

21. Assaulting/insulting of a teacher                           Automatic dismissal

by a student(s).

22. Entry of staff office by student(s)                         Punishable

without due permission from a teacher.

23. Students are expected to wear white                     Punishable

on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays while

check uniform is for Tuesdays & Thursdays

failure to do so

24. Failure to maintain good grooming as                    Punishable

directed by the school authority.

25. Drug abuse if convicted                                        Punishable

26. Use of cell phones                                                Seizure

27. Damaging of school property                                 Surcharged

28. Unholy relationship                                                Expulsion

29. Premarital pregnancy                                              Expulsion

30. Bringing food to the dormitory                                Punishable

without approval by the school authority.

31. Selling of food item                                                 Punishable

32. Reporting to parents/bringing them                           Expulsion

to school without clearance from school


33. Servant/master relationship                                       Expulsion

34. Inciting Others                                                         Expulsion