To be the best moral and academic institution geared towards meeting the needs of the Nigerian society.



  • To provide the best possible education within the context of the catholic faith
  • To produce students who are worthy in character and sound in judgement.
  • To contribute to the transformation of the society through creativity and innovation.


All saints secondary school, God bless

My Alma-mater God bless you

The school of the saints

The school of my heart

Built at the heart of the church

God bless you, my Alma-mater.

We hail thee, we praise thee

We magnify the name of God

For the opportunity to be a

student of All Saints Secondary School.

We thank you lord, for my Alma-mater.




A     –     All successful beginners

L     –     Listen carefully

L     –     Learn with interest

S     –     Share positive ideas

A     –     Accept your mistakes and correct them

I     –     Inspire one another

N     –     Nurture your dream

T     –     Think big and come up with positive ideas

S     –     Solve problems with positive solutions

S     –     Show good examples to others

E     –     Excellent result is their primary motive

C     –     Conquer your fears

O     –     Oppose negative influence

N     –     Need no distractions

D     –     Disciplined in character

A     –     Always organized

R     –     Responsible and reasonable

Y     –     Youths with innovation

S     –     Serious in all their doings

C     –     Courageous and brave

H     –     Hardworking and intelligent

O     –     Observant and inquisitive

O     –     Orderly and coordinated

L     –     Loyal and respectful to constituted authorities



Since you were born twenty years ago, our families have watched you grow, you have come to be the Lord’s witness and teach the world God’s own greatness.

The stride you have made with our students makes us proud and to God we pray that you may stay to be the witness of Jesus Christ and his saving grace.

Thank thee God and bless our staff and management. Give them light to work in thy way, to serve thee well as cheerful shepherds and do thy will in thy blissful corridor.

Our patron saints,pray your people of oyigbo, From old and cradle, win them grace to celebrate jubilees and help them live their lives better.

By Agomuo Felicia