The Parents-Teachers Association in All Saints’ Secondary School, brings about a sense of collective responsibility between the school, teachers and parents, creating a conducive environment for learning. The process of passing on knowledge from one generation to the other is the role of the parents. The parents are more effective in impacting discipline and knowledge to the children at the very grass root level. It is the natural inclination to give the children the good things of life which they are capable of providing for them. On the modern age, the major task is on the provision of quality education and good standard of living. In what goes on in the school, it is this interest of parents in education of their children and wards in the school that give birth to P.T.A in All Saints Secondary School.

               The P.T.A is a forum for parents and teachers to meet and discuss issues relating to the welfare of parents/teachers and student of which through this meeting, parents are educated or enlightened on the periodic system of the school administration, the facility requirement , development and much more on the discipline and causes of student delinquency. The parents have an insight into the causes of student’s problems and so discuss more effective ways of dealing with such problems and how to fulfill the expectation of parents towards academic and moral achievement of their children / wards. This link between parents and teachers is deemed essentials, because parents are experienced people who are conversant with the child’s psychological development and know the need of their children at different stages of development. Hence they are in better position to give useful advice to teachers when necessary. All saints’ Secondary School’s individual parents are invited to the school for discussion on the student welfare. The principal with the assistance of staff point out the student’s weakness and give suggestion for improvement. In the area of discipline, the P.T.A (parents’ teachers association) plays a vital role with case of indiscipline abysmally reduced, thereby enhancing the process of effective school management.

               The P.T.A is built on structure; both human and material, the influence of P.T.A on effective school management is numerous, one of which is that it fosters mutual relationship between the school, teachers and students thereby creating a sense of belonging to the parents and their wards. Based on this footing, a very conducive atmosphere is built for learning.



As a catholic school it emphasizes on catholic education which is managed by catholic Dominican Friars of the order of preachers in St. Pauls’ Catholic Parish Oyigbo. The P.T.A is organized within the philosophy of catholic education, which believes that religion is a significant part of everyday life in the management of the school and the students.

             Religion is embedded in all things we do; learn and teach, which give our student an edge in moral behavior. Religion is very important as it is embedded in us (Catholics). It is who we are, what we believe, what we value and what we represent (God) that promotes good moral upbringing. it is also embedded into our teachers to create a warm, welcoming and loving environment that enables our students feel safe and comfortable. The P.T.A encourages and make teachers to feel confident as positive professional role models, to incite moral behavior and practice what students see as encouragements to learning and feel that they can open up and share their thoughts, opinions, value to achieving better result without fear of being judged, ridiculed or criticized and contributing fully to enforce discipline.

FACILITY AND DEVELOPMENT: in the area of development, the parents’ Teachers Association under the leadership of Engr. Nneji-Ibekwe N. Thaddeus (JP), has supported the school in the development project and provision of facilities to the school, to boost learning. The earliest of these supports was the provision of science laboratory equipments for physics, chemistry, biology, Agric. science, food and nutrition, also in the list are computers and a 12KVA generator. This set a high standard for the school as one of the best in the state.

The donation of these equipments sparked celebration among the teachers and parents as it was covered by the Aba Catholic REX Newspaper on Catholic education of April 17 – 30th 2011, Volume 97, no 120, page 9 [ALL SAINTS SECONDARY SCHOOL SHINES THE MORE]. Excerpts below

The effort and support of the PTA continue to envelop with the supply of forty computers and the establishment of ICT/computer centre in the school, with networking and internet facilities. In addition to this was the renovation of five classrooms (school block C bungalow) to a supper standard one storey building as an encouraging development to the restructuring of the two storey block D. building, which as of today are housing the school modern hostels as land mark development to the school standard boarding house.

The PTA did not stop at the above progressive venture, the clearing of Nwaji swamp forest into habitable environment under the directive of the school director Rev Fr Dominic Mbomson (OP) and supervision of Engr. Nneji-Ibekwe N. Thaddeus (JP) is the greatest land mark achievement of its time, with its surrounding perimeter fenced with block wall and a built volley ball court for sports activities among others.

The P.T.A of All Saints Secondary School support all these project through levies and donations which parents contribute with happiness. A visit to the photo gallery speaks more in general. I call on all parents that desire good and quality education for their children to come to All Saints Secondary School, which also has modern boarding facilities managed and supervised by Dominican friars, who are devoted to the service of the lord and humanity.

Signed:     Engr. Nneji-Ibekwe N. Thaddeus (JP)

                           (P.T.A Chairman)