Scheme of work for SS1

3rd term; Literature in English 2019/2020 Academic session.

1. Introduction to the text ” Look back in anger ” by John Osborne; setting and plot of the text.

2. Textual analysis of the text . Background of John Osborne.

3. Major characters in the text Jummy Porter, Alison Porter, Cliff Lewis, Helena Charles

4. Other characters;
Colonel Redfern, Hugh Tanner, Mrs Tamer, medeline.

5. Historical context of look back in anger.

6. Subject matter and themes of the text; Class conflict disillusionment and nostalgia gender, alienation and loneliness, dynamism.

7. Introduction of poetry; meaning, types.

8. Features of poetry; lines, stanzas, structure.

9. Figures of speech; classification, figure of comparison, sound and emphasis.

10. Introduction of the poem ” The leader and the led” by Niyi Osundare ” An African poem”

11. The background of the poet, poetic analysis and the themes of the poem.

12. Revision of termly work .

13. examination

14 closure.



1. State the meanings of the following; a. Setting b. plot

2. Highlight on the textual analysis of ” let me die alone”

3. List the characters and their roles in the text .

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