Week 2:

Subject: Computer/ Data Processing

Topic: Tools for information Processing

Sub-topic:  Introduction Spreadsheet Application.

A spreadsheet is a computer program in which figures are arranged in the tows and columns of a grid can be manipulated and used in calculations. A spreadsheet stores data in a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns. Rows are labeled using 1,2,3,4 etc, while columns are labeled with letters A,B,C etc.

                Individual row/column locations, such as C3 or A1, are referred to as cells. Each cell stores a unique instance of data. By entering data into a spreadsheet, information can be stored in a more structured way than using plain text. The row/column structure also allows the data to be analysed using formulas and calculations.   

                             Spreadsheet has taken the place of the pencil, paper, and calculator. Spreadsheet programs were first developed for accountants but have now been adopted by anyone wanting to prepare a budget, forecast sales data, create profit and loss statement, etc.


What can Spreadsheet do?

  1. A spreadsheet can manipulate numerical data and text
  2. Using a spreadsheet, one can create budgets, analyse data, produce financial plans, and perform various other simple and complex numerical application.
  3. It has in-built functions that enables you to use mathematical functions like, “if “, “if then”.
  4. Spreadsheet applications are used for fast and accurate calculations and formatting of a document .
  5. Spreadsheet can also be used for graphing data points, reporting data analyses, and organizing and storing data.
  6. They are used for financial documents, reports, invoices, processing information from scientific researches, statistical analysis, calculations of costs for activites.
  7. It allows for universal programme for structured data preparation and processing
  8. Spreadsheet allow creating large and clear shedules



  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Lotus 1-2-3
  3. SuperCalc
  4. Vp Planner.
  5. Microsoft Excel: This is an application package that makes use of worksheet which is called a spreadsheet and it uses rows and columns because most data entered onto a spreadsheet in columns. Microsoft excel is also a program used to build spreadsheets and analyse data.

Advantages of Excel application

  1. It is use for calculation
  2. It can use tables in a word processing program to store numbers
  3. It is relatively easy to use
  4. It perform automatic re- calculation
  5. It offers extensive library of built in function that cover a wide range of computational tasks.
  6. You need only enter value, variables and formulae into a excel once to calculate results.
  7. Graphs and charts that pictorially depict existing data can be produced. Values are changed as their corresponding value change.
  8. Variables and constants can be used
  9. It can secure sensitive data from preying eye.

Disadvantages of Excel Application

  1. When used to store sensitive data, excel are vulnerable to fraud because of its inherent lack of control, which makes it so easy to alter formulas, values, or dependencies without being detected.
  2. To have excel you need computer and that will take up a lot of room and also cost a lot
  3. You have to re- copy data over and over again to maintain it in separate data files.
  4. If you make an error in your formula, every single calculation done on that spreadsheet will be wrong
  5. You cannot efficiently identify data errors.
  6. There is a lack of detailed sorting and querying abilities
  7. Excels are restricted to a finite number of records.
  8. Spreadsheets are restricted to a finite number of records.
  9. Cannot create a report like Database.




  1. Click on start button on the windows taskbar
  2. Point to programs menu and click
  3. Click on Microsoft Excel


  • Double click on MS- Excel on the desktop. When any of the above command is carried out, excel environment appears.

IN OUR NEXT CLASS WE SHALL BE LOOKING AT. Labeling, and entering data into the cell.


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