Civic Education for JSS2 


     Consumer responsibilities are actions that consumers should take to protect their interests. They include the following

 1) Be aware: Consumers should be fully aware and well- informed of the products they are purchasing. The should know the use, content, side effects, potency, quality, quantity of the product. They should also be aware and understand the provisions of any document or agreement they are to sign.

 2) Demand  and keep proof of transactions: Consumers should demand for evidence or proof of any transaction for example receipts and invoice.

3) Think independently: Consumers should think and act independently. They should not act under the influence of either the firm, producer, supplier or even co- buyers.

4) Speak out/ be bold: Consumers should voice out their feelings and interests to be heard by the relevant authorities.

5) Respect the environment: Consumers should be environment friendly by not supporting products and services that are harmful to the environment. They should reduce sources of solid wastes by buying earth friendly products, reusing products and containers and recycling waste products.

 GOVERNMENT AGENCIES FOR PROTECTION OF CONSUMERS RIGHTS    There are two governmental agencies set up by the Nigerian government to protect the rights of consumers in Nigeria. They are :

1) Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

2) Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

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