1. Brown paper
  2. Skirt curve guide
  3. Pencil
  4. Tape rule
  5. Long ruler
  6. Paper scissors



  1. Front skirt length
  2. Waist line
  3. Hip line
  4. Hip depth

Buy the materials listed above and use it to draft pattern for both front skirt and back skirt with the following instruction. Using your body measurement.

  1. Start at point A and Measure line AB, skirt length (front).
  2. From A Measure AC equal to 1/4 waistline plus 2.5cm or 1 inch.
  3. From A Measure AD equal to 19 to 20cm or 7 1/2 to 8 inches.

This is the hill depth

  1. From D Measure DE equal to 1/4 hip Measurement.
  2. From E draw EF equal to DB and join B to F, thus DE = BF
  3. From A Measure AG equal to 8.8cm ( 3 1/2 inches) or 12.5cm (5 inches)
  4. From G Measure GH equal to 2.5cm or 1 inch
  5. Location center of GH to obtain I
  6. From I draw line IJ equal to 12.5cm or 5 inches. Length of IJ depends on prevailing fashion.
  7. Join G to J and H to J to obtain waist dart.
  8. Raise front at ( by 1.25cm or 1/2 inches to locate K)
  9. Join IK with a slight curve
  10. Join KE also with a slight curve using a skirt curve guide if available (French curve can be used)
  11. Beginning from F on line FE measure 1. 25 cm or 1/2 inche to obtain L.
  12. Locate centre of BF to obtain M so that BM = FM .
  13. Join L to M with a slight curve.
  14. Finally trace out front skirt AKELMBDA, trace out dart position GIHJE as well.
  15. To make skirt narrower, Measure 2. 5cm or 1 inch from L to locate L1 as shown in the figure above to join L1 to E.

Note – Back skirt length will be 2 inches longer than the front skirt length.

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