Driving tool is used for driving in or driving out nails and other objects. Example are hammers, screwdrivers and punches.

1,HAMMER; The hammer consists of a metal head and a wooden handle. There are many types of head shaped with common striking face and special Pepin for riveting.

(a)Ball peen hammer; It is used for general purposes. The ball peen section is used for riveting










(b)Straight peen hammer; It is used for riveting in an awkward position. The other end is used for shaping sheet metal.









(a)Cross peen hammer; It is used for drawing down and for riveting in an ahead position

(b)Planishing hammer; It is used for finishing because the faces are well polished. It is generally used by panel beater.

(c)Block head hammer; It is used for shaping sheet metals. It has polished faces.








The other hammer is the claw hammer, it is used for extractingnails.




Metal head












2,SCREWDRIVER; It is used to drive screws in or outside of wood or metals. They are different forms which includes flat screwdriver, starscrewdriver, offset screwdriver and allenscrewdriver.

(a)FLATSCREWDRIVER ; It is used for flatscrewhead. And it is also used for screws having only one line slot on the head.


(b)STARSCREWDRIVER; It is used for screws having a star opening on the head.

(c)OFFSETSCREWDRIVER; It is used whenever a straight screwdriver cannot be used.

(d)ALLEN SCREWDRIVER; It is used for driving in or removing screw which have hexagonal or square slots in their head.

(3)PUNCHES; There are three types of punches, they are dot, centre and pin punches.

(i)Dot punch; It is used in marking out jobs. It is ground at 600 inclined angle.

(ii)Centre punch; It is used in enlarging points before driving. It is ground at 900   .

(iii)Pin punch; It is used for driving out tapered pins,rivets, and E.t.c.

                       ASSIGNMENT / ACTIVITY

1,Visit a carpenter’s workshop close to you .

2,Check and observe different types of hammers,screwdrivers and punches.

3,Note the names and shapes of all available driving tools.

4,Draw and label different types of driving tools and state their uses.

5,Get a piece of wood, drive in a nail into it with a hammer and try to drive it out using the hammer head Pepin.

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