SUBJECT : English Language

TOPIC : Adverbials




              Adverbial are individual words (that is adverbs)  or a group of words that is a phrase (an adverbial phrase), or a clause (adverbial clause) having an adverbs it’s main word. They modiy verbs, adjectives and other adverbs in sentences.

              Like almost any adverb, an adverbial can appear in many different positions in a sentence.

For example,

  1. On Sunday’s, my sister visits when she is not working. (initial position)
  2. My sister visits on Sunday’s when she is not working. (middle position)
  3. When she is not working, my sister visits on Sunday’s. (final position)



The types of adverbials are :

1)  Adverbial of time

2)  Adverbial of place

3)  Adverbial of manner

4)  Adverbial of degrees

5)  Adverbial of frequency

6)  Adverbial of reason, cause, purpose.


Adverbial of time answer the question “when”. Examples :

1)  The visitors arrived in the evening.   

  1. The bus will leave at ten o’clock.
  2. The expected letter arrived on Tuesday.
  3. The Governor will arrive tomorrow.
  4. We shall leave when they arrive


Adverbial of place answer the question “where”? Examples :

  1. They had been standing at the gate
  2. The Oba sits firmly on his throne
  3. He placed all the plans in one file
  4. They found it where you left it
  5. The old man lives downstairs


Adverbial of manner answer the question “how”? Examples :

  1. Ada handled the eggs carefully
  2. Ladi quickly ran into the house
  3. They arrived in a hurry
  4. Dupe sings beautifully
  5. The children trooped quietly into the hall


Adverbial of degrees answer the question “how much”?, to  what  extent?,

Example :

  1. He has completely surrendered the property
  2. Ngozi is very much satisfied with the result
  3. She is highly interested in that programme
  4. She was adequately prepared for the law school
  5. Amaka is highly intelligent


Adverbial of frequency answer the question “how often”

Example :

Okon comes to school early every morning

They frequently visit their cousin

  1. He always works hard
  2. We pray five times everyday
  3. He is always making mistakes


Adverbial of reason,cause,or purpose answer the question “why”?

Example :

  1. They came late because they had a flat tire
  2. She hated them for their ill treatment of her
  3. They made mistakes due to their careless
  4. Mr Nsikan drove carelessly because the road was slippery
  5. Schools could not resume because of covid-19 pandemic



  1. The Oba sits firmly on his throne. ( adverbial of manner and place)
  2. The visitors arrived in the morning (adverbial of time)
  3. The player kicked the ball hard into the net (adverbial of place)
  4. We eat three times everyday (adverbial of frequency)
  5. She lost the baby due to her negligence (adverbial of purpose) 



Make one sentence with each type of the adverbials.

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