Home Economics              

Week 5                                

Topic- Wise Buying Practices.                           

The following are wise buying practices to be followed during food purchasing.                         

1-Make a good shopping  list.                                       

2-Keep to the shopping list when buying.               

3- Ensure that there are adequate storage facilities for the food stuff to be purchased.                 

4- Judge the quality of food before buying. For instance when buying fruits and vegetables look out for or judge items for firmness, proper colour, and absence of bruises and breakages in the skin. 

5-Judge values of food before buying using unit prices. A unit price is the price per kilogram or other accepted unit or measure.                            

6-Check measurement ;examples cups and scales when buying such foods as grains, pulses (maize, millet, rice, beans, and garri).              

7-Read labels on food containers and check expiry date, food content, weight, volume e.t.c.          

 8-Make bulk purchases whenever possible.           

 9-Compare values and prices in different stores and with different sellers.    

 Importance Of Buying Good Quality Food Stuffs    

Good quality food stuff is one that is fresh and has a good  appearance, it is important to buy it for the following reasons;          

 1-Good quality food stuff  are fresh and wholesome   

2-Their nutrient content is still intact.                    

 3-They keep well in storage.                                 

4-They are not attacked by food spoilage organism.                                    

 5-They are appetizing and taste good.                      

6-They are economical because there is little or no wastage.                        

7-They have good appearance examples fresh fruits.                          




1-Define bulk purchasing.    

2- Give five advantages of bulk buying.                        

3-Outline five disadvantages of bulk buying.                                 

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