SS 1 Biology

TOPIC: Energy Flow In The Ecosystem

Energy flow is the transfer or movement of energy along the food chain within the Ecosystem. The flow of energy in the ecosystem is through one direction (unidirectional) starting from the producers to the consumers. It is non — cyclic in nature.

Energy decreases along the line in a food chain. The decrease is as a result of loss of energy during metabolic activities in organisms. This progressive decrease in the amount of energy at different trophic levels in a food chain can be represented diagrammatically as pyramid of energy.


Pyramid of Number

It is the diagrammatic representation of the progressive decrease in the  number of organisms at different trophic levels in a food chain.

Note: The diagrams of the pyramid of energy and the pyramid of number are available.  Draw them into your biology note book

Download Document Here: SS 1 BIOLOGY NOTE

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