SS 2 Biology

TOPIC: Prevention And Control Of Crop Pests

Crop pests can be prevented and controlled by the following methods.

  1. Physical or Mechanical control methods
  2. Cultural control methods.
  3. Biological Control methods.
  4. Chemical control methods.
  5. Prohibition
  6. Quarantine.


Physical Control Methods (mechanical Control methods)

It involves removal of pests by the following ways:

  1. Hand picking and destroying insect pests and their larvae.
  2. Shooting rodents with gun.
  3. Setting traps to catch rodents.
  4. Wire — netting or fencing the farm with wire net. e. Scare crow. f. Hermetic storage (storing grains in air — tight bin).


Cultural Control Methods

It involves the use of farming practices to prevent or control pests especially on the field. These farming practices include: a. Crop rotation. b. Planting resistant varieties of crops.

  1. Proper tillage operations.
  2. Burning of crop residues. e. Timely or early planting of crops. f. Proper and regular weeding. g. Timely harvesting of crops.

Biological Control Method

It involves the introduction of natural enemies of pests to control them, by eating them up. Examples, cat are used to control rodents in the store,lady bird is introduced into the farm where there are aphids, etc.

Chemical Control Method

This involves the use of chemicals or pesticides to control pests. These chemicals are a. Insecticides for controlling insect pests. b. Rodenticides for controlling rodent pests. c. Nematicides for controlling nematodes, eg, eelworm.

  1. Avicides for controlling bird pests.


It is the practice of forbidding the introduction of materials infested with pests. It is successful with quarantine.


It is a period during which imported or newly introduced materials such as seeds, plants, animals, soil etc are kept separate for observation, if presence of pest or disease symptoms are detected, the materials are destroyed or sent back at the expenses of the importer.


1a.what are vertebrates?.

  1. Mention with one example of each, five classes of vertebrates.
  2. Differentiate between reproduction and reproductive system.

Submit at the school security post within 3 days or send typed answers through the teacher’s WhatsApp (0704 071 5130) line. PDF preferably.

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