This is a group of consonants occurring one after the other, i.e. following each other without any vowel in their middle. In the English language, it is possible to have up to three consonants occurring in the beginning of a spoken word, and up to four consonants occurring at the end. E.g. scribe/skraib/, street/stri:t/, exempts/igzempts/, next/nekst/.

 Note the following:

  1. Do not say /riks/ instead of /risk/(risk).
  2. Do not say/sipirit/ instead of /spirit/(spirit).
  3. There is cluster in words with /j/ and /w/ as in news/nju:z/,penguin/pengwin/,cube/kju:b/,suite/swi:t/,e.t.c.


Examples of words with two or three consonants initial cluster:


Two                  Three


spin                  straw

flow                  sprout

black                scribe

fright                script

pray                  scream


Examples of words with two, three and four end consonant clusters:            

  Two         Three          Four


cyst            lifts             wrinkles

moved       months       texts

begged      cleansed     attempts

pact           rents            bangles


         WORD      BOUNDARIES


a) flat rate

         –  –

b) world cup

             –  –

c) trash can

          —  –

d) French test

             —  –

e) canned food



Write the following words in the correct table: sky, jar, bee, tray, straight, fly, pneumonia, shrink, crabs, juice, horse, suite, choir, scratch, Britain.


One initial   ! Two initial   !  Three initial

consonant  ! consonants! consonants


                     !                      !

                     !                      !

                     !                      !

                     !                      !

                     !                      !

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