PHE lesson for JSS 1

Body Fitness Activities

Body fitness can be defined as the ability to remain strong enough to attend to every activity expected in the routine. It is measured by assessment of the level of flexibility, agility, speed, Coordination, reflexes, endurance,  concentration, etc of the individual


1.Engagement of body toning(easing

activities to enhance ability.

2.Working on one’s speed.

3.Building a better level of endurance.

4.Improved acts of concentration at activities.

5.Development of quick good judgment while working or at play.

6.Development of better ways of relief of stress and fatigue


1.Adequate rest after an activity

2.Good feeding to provide energy.

3.Mild exercise of the body.

4.Avoiding worry.

5.Maintaining good hygiene standards to avoid getting infected.


 1.What is body fitness?

2.List four (4)ways to enhance fitness.

3.State three agents of fitness

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Download Document Here: PHE JS1 Body Fitness



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