Sports Nutrition: This is the act of providing good feeding for those involved with sports activities so that they can perform better. For good performance in any sports activity. The participants are expected to eat food that can provide adequate energy for the demand of such a sport. Food required are 45% protein, 25% carbohydrate, fruits and much water to drink.


1.Provision of the required energy for the body.

2.Nourishment of the cells in the body.

3.Promotion of a healthy outlook.

4.Enhancing of quick healing to injuries.

5.Recovery from exhaustion and fatigue.

6.Better results in competitions.


Some negative effects of food

  1. It may contain substances that are not allowed for sports participants.
  2. It may lead to excess weight gain.
  3. It may be deficient of basic mineral salts and vitamins.
  4. It may lead to the increase in the cost of maintaining the sports person. A person who plans the feeding program of sports personnel is called a nutritionist.


1.Define nutrition in sports

2.Mention four effects of wrong nutrition

3.State three benefits of good feeding

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