All Saints Secondary School Oyigbo, Rivers State

 Literature In English for JSS 1

 Drama Text Analysis

 Plot Analysis

 The Welcome Stranger by Onyinyechi Anikwata


Greed is a major factor that pulls a man down drastically. Therefore, everyman should embrace hard work, rejoice at the victory of others and target the actualization of greater heights.

                 The   Story

   The people of Umuigbo were happy with their lifes, they were united, honest and hardworking, they worship their gods in respect and love and obeyed all that is instructed through the chief priest.

      The people were blessed with gold, the respect and worship it because it was a symbol of their gods thus where ever it is found becomes a holy land and indicates the presence of the gods but the economic  and financial value of it they are not lack knowledge of.

The sound of thunder in Umuigbo is the angry voice of the gods, the people must seek solution and means to appease the gods.

  The chief priest was a good man,  he directed the king sincerely according to the instructions of the gods.

   The white man came to the land, presented himself to the king and elders as a trader, gave them to taste some of his goods, they loved them, patronised him, the king gave him a hut in the palace, from where he goes out to do his business. He went to the king to ask for permission to pick the precious stone which the king out rightly rejected and threatened to throw him of the community if he mentions it again.

The white man succeeded in brain washing the Princess who supplied him gold in exchange for chugar(sugar) and cream that would make her look like the white man and he would take her to his country.  Adaeze continued to trade gold for inferior bleaching cream that ended up destroying her exceptional beauty that the villagers used to envy, his products began to upset the peoples system.

The white man felt he was not getting enough gold he decided to take from the shrine, again he went to Ochiaya, the Princess’s betrothed to help him ascend the throne quickly and in return, he would be faithful to him and they sealed it with Ochiaya’s blood.

      Thunder struck, the king died, the people were confused because the king was a good man, the gods would not have killed him yet the chief priest disappeared. The people began to suffer, they paid for every thing they used in the community, until they collectively decided to end the slavery. They matched to the palace, on their way, they met the chief priest and elders who informed them that the white man and Ochiaya killed the late king. The people Determined to avenge the death o their good king charged to the palace, the guards ran away, Ochiaya took his wife, locked the white man and ran away, he was lucky to escape from the window. Carrying his box filled with gold, he rode off on his bicycle while the people chased after him.

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