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 Literature In English for JSS 2

 Prose text Analysis

 Plot Analysis

   Ibi Puma


To be forewarned is to be fore- armed unfortunately, Ibi Puma failed to take heed, it would be good we learn from his mistake.

 *   The* Story Line

          At The Beginning

  The people of Ogowoland had all it takes to remain in their land thus they are not travelers but  Ibi decided to move out, he toured until he arrived at an oasis, settled there and named it Puma Land.

The later settlers on the land were predominantly farmers and fishermen but Ibi of Puma chose to be a Palm wine tapper, he served his wine to his customers at his bar, ( Bread of Life Bar).

      The man of God came to Puma Land, no body knew anything about him not  even where he sleeps or his name until the day he entered Bread of  Life Bar expecting to see holy pictures  when he did not see, he began to preach to those who came to drink.

     The customers increased by the day and Ibi Puma continued to  expand the place, he employed to work for him, the presence of the man of God brought satisfaction to the customers and growth to Ibi of Puma.

         The man of God decided to show appreciation to Ibi Puma for his hospitality, he dug a well that produced sweet wine, it was to Ibi Puma’s advantage because it enhanced the growth rate of his bar.

                YEAR    *11*

       At the appointed time, the man of God left and Ibi Puma continued to teach, the people enjoyed him like like they did the man of God, his customers remained instead they increased in number.

       Years later, the man of God returned and was happy to see that his absence did not cause Ibi Puma any loose instead, he was doing well in his preaching and business.

       He began to advice the people to go to church and not depend solely on the sermon they hear at the bar.  He stated that he went to the bar because the people have left the churches, they have lost confidence and  returned to the days of old when God was not in their agenda, he came for the lost sheep and finds them outside the church.


Ibi Puma requested the permission of the man of God to bottle the wine considering that the taste was exceptional yet it was sold at local price (very cheap or cost of local drinks) when the wine is superior in taste and quality, he emphasized that the price is not worth the quality.  He demanded a swine for his pigs since he has a  well for his bar  customers. In anger, the man of God stood up and wrote on the wall ” Ibi Puma sells well water as wine yet wants to sell it expensively ” The people were amazed at the revelation and wondered at the possibility.

The man of God reminded him of the consequences o greed which he taught him and he too preaches to others.

       The man of God walked away, the well dried up, Ibi Puma returned to wine tapping which was not enough and the taste was never the same, his customers went away, his bar returned to its former shape. He never stopped lamenting, what greed has done to him.


  1. What made the people of Ogowoland remain in their place?
  2. Using the experience of Ibi Puma as example discuss the disadvantages of greed.
  3. What do you think made the people of Puma result to farming and fishing?
  4. Why was Ibi called Ibi of Puma?
  5. Identify and explain four (4) themes in the text.
  6. What is the meaning of oasis

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