Literature In English for JSS3

Poetic Analysis

Tittle;  The New Africa by Chigbo Ugwuoke

Literary Devices

STRUCTURE:  The poet wrote without adopting any stanza form or pattern. The poem is written in free verse

 Diction: The choice of words of the poet is considerate to the level of the present readers.

Mood: The poet’s state of mind here  is: optimistic

Tone: The voice of the poet is prophetic. It is a revelational poem.

 Moral Lessons: 

     🔸 Hope for the rise of a new and a different Africa.

     🔸 New breeds of African youths.

     🔸  Happy African society

     🔸   The flight of evil doers

     🔸   The elimination of pain, suffering, poverty, mourning corruption in Africa.

    🔸    Existence of joy and peace in Africa.

            Figures of Speech

▪️Personification:  Line 11- “I am Mama Africa. At last, I have made all things new” this is given Africa a feminine voice, ability to speak and power to put things in place. ▪️Simile: line 5- Corning hack “like’ swans

          Line 6- prepared like brides

            ”     8- jingling down like some golden  coins….

  ▪️Repetition: The  word Africa was used  seven  (7) times in the poem.

   ▪️I saw a new Africa. Lines 2,4,9, 12.

  ▪️ Symbolism: Line 10- Light was used to represent the new breeds of Africans who  came back to better the Nation.

DARKNESS is used to represent the corrupt, bad eggs that  destroyed the African  Nations


Explain these lines from the poem

▪️coming hack like swans from their lànd 9f exile

▪️Jingling down like some golden coin… Flowing down from high heavens

What are the meaning of these words

   Hack,,exile,,,,,,swan, jingling


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