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Week eight topic; Historical Sites in Nigeria ( Ife Culture and Civilization).

Location of lle Ife on the Map of Nigeria.


Ile Ife is an ancient Yoruba city in South Western Nigeria. The city is located in present day Osun state. Ile Ife has two local governments namely Ife central and Ife East.


The Ife Culture, Tradition and Artifacts

The Yorubas are very rich in cultures. These include carving, painting, bronze and brass casting, dancing and a host of others. Ife is the city where the Yoruba civilization began. Excavations made around Ife have uncovered some of the carvings and other works of the early Yorubas. Ile Ife is today, regarded as the cradle of the Yorubas.

Apart from carvings and brass work, the Yorubas are known for their musics , melodious songs and fascinating dances.


Significance/ Importance   of Ife culture in Nigerian History

  1. Ife people taught other tribes especially the Benin people, carving, painting, bronze and brass casting.
  2. Ife culture helped to correct false ideas about Nigerian history. Europeans stated that Nigerians are people who never evolved a civilization of their own and contributed nothing to human progress.


  1. Ife culture bears evidence of Nigerian rich culture and history before the coming of Europeans.
  2. Ife culture proved that humans had existed in Ife between 6th to 10th centuries.
  3. Ife culture provides evidence of carving and painting technology in Nigeria before colonialism.



  1. Discuss the ‘place’ of Ife in Yoruba history.


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