There are two types or retailers – Small retailers and Large retailers.


Small retailers are those traders who sell petty items. They either stay at a place or move from one place to another. Small retailers include hawkers, kiosk owners and stall owners.

 Hawkers: Hawkers do not have a fixed place of business. They move from one place to another looking for customers. Hawkers sell all types of goods, foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, e.t.c. Hawkers may move around with bicycles, on foot or vehicles. Some hawkers draw the attention of their customers by ringing bells or singing simple songs. Hawkers are also known as door-to-door traders.

 Advantages Of Hawking

  1. Hawking does not require much capital.
  2. It provides employment for those who could not get office work.
  3. It provides door-to-door services.
  4. Hawking can make one become a successful entrepreneur.
  5. Hawkers do not incur expenses such as shop rent, salaries, electricity.
  6. Hawking is a means of advertising certain goods.


Disadvantages Of Hawking

  1. Hawking disturbs flow of traffic.
  2. It creates dirty environment as some hawkers throw the remains of their goods carelessly.
  3. Sometimes they lose their lives in accidents.
  4. In the course of hawking, one could be kidnapped, raped or lured into criminal activities.
  5. Food items especially cooked foods are not properly handled by hawkers and this can cause contamination.


 Kiosk Owners

Kiosk owners are traders who sell petty items such as soap, sweet, bread, eggs in small quantities to their customers. Since a kiosk is small in size, the owner cannot store variety of goods in large quantities. A kiosk is usually in form of a wooden structure with an open front.


 Stall Owners

Stalls are usually found inside the market and stall holders sell goods in small quantities to their customers. Some stall holders sell variety of goods while some concentrate on a particular item. A stall is a kind of shop usually made of wood and bricks. Some stalls are open while some are lock-up.



Unlike small retailers, large retailers can afford to buy goods in large quantities from the manufacturer. They are more organized, have more capital and can afford to employ shop assistants than small retailers They also store variety of goods in large quantities to meet their customer’s needs.

Large retailers include departmental store, mail order business, retail cooperative and supermarkets.


 Departmental Store

Departmental store is a kind of shop that has many departments or sections inside one roof or building. Each department sells a particular item, for e.g. provision department, clothing department, foodstuff department, e.t.c, and each department has its own manager and other workers who are answerable to the General Manager. Example, Park And Shop, UAC, e.t.c.


 Retail cooperative:

It is an association of small retailers who contribute money in order to set up a large retail shop. They are more organized than small retailers. They also have more capital and skill in managing a business. They buy directly from the manufacturer and store variety of goods in large quantities to meet their customer’s needs.



Supermarket is known as self-service shop. Goods are clearly arranged in shelves with prices tagged on them. Here, customers serve themselves by going round the shop to pick what they want and finally pay at the counter.


 Mail Order Business

Mail order business is a kind of retail business carried out through the post office. Here goods are advertised in newspapers and magazines stating all the details concerning the products to enable the prospective customers make their choice. Interested customers will write and send their orders through the post office. Clothes, jewelries, watches, shoes are examples of items that can be sold and purchased through this means. Mail order business is not common in Nigeria.




  1. Describe small retailers.
  2. A shop that has different sections under one roof is called ……………
  3. Who is a hawker?
  4. Give three advantages and three disadvantages of hawking.


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