SS 1  Biology

TOPIC: Food Production And Storage


In this lesson we are going to learn ways of improving crop yield, causes of food wastage, methods of preserving and storing food, and effects of food storage.

Ways Of Improving Crop Yield

Crop yield can be improved by the following methods

(a) Crop Improvement methods such as introduction, selection, breeding or hybridization.

(b) Proper timing of planting.

(c) Adoption of better cultivation method, eg, crop rotation.

(d) Use of manures and fertilizers.

(e) Control of pests and diseases of crops.

(f) Use of good crop varieties.

(g) Use of resistant varieties.

(h) Control of weeds.

(I) Adequate tillage practice.

(j) Adequate water supply.


Causes Of Food Wastage

  1. Poor storage facilities

Ii. Damages caused by pests and diseases.

Iii. Inadequate transport facilities.

  1. Inadequate processing facilities.
  2. Late harvesting.
  3. Natural disasters such as flood and drought.

vii. Bush burning.

viii. Poor preservation of crops.


Methods Of Preserving And Storing Food

Food preservation methods include: salting, drying, freezing/refrigeration, smoking, use of chemical, canning /bottling, irradiation (subjection of some food to high energy radiation such as ultraviolet rays), heating / boiling / frying.

Storage methods include: cold storage such as freezing / refrigeration and cold room, silos, cribs, barns, bags and sacks etc.

Effects Of Food Storage

  1. It ensures even and regular supply of food through out the year.
  2. There is reduced quality of stored food due to pests, egs, weevils and rats.

3.Viability of stored seed is affected due to pests and diseases attack.

  1. In some cases, the quality and taste of some food products are improved as a result of storage, eg ,yam tubers.

5.Texture of some food such as meat is affected after long time in the cold storage.


State at least five government efforts to increase food Production.


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