Gender issues and sports development

   Gender is the term used to ascribe responsibility, privileges, roles, etc. to an individual due to their being male or female.

Sports business is supposed to be open to everybody, however during the period of development from infancy to teenage age so many cultural and religious orientations may occur thereby challenging their participation and the entire sports development. These challenges come in the form of personal opinions (fallacies) or unproven belief that are limiting to the development of sports and participation.

The following are seen as fallacies in sports

  1. Women who participate in sports will not develop mature feminine features.
  2. Women sports participants are promiscuous.
  3. Women sports participants will not get married because they look like men.
  4. Women sports participants will not be able to give birth. The above statements are false and aimed at discouraging women with sports talent from developing the same for profit and glory of the society.


Mild participation in sports is very important and beneficial to the pregnant women in the following ways

  1. It helps in the flexibility of the body
  2. It enhances easy delivery
  3. It helps in more efficient blood flow.

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