Home Economics

Jss 1

Week 9

Topic- Healthy feeding habits

        Feeding or eating habits are one’s everyday patterns of eating. Healthy feeding habits results from choosing nutrious food in a conscious way                                       

      Healthy feeding habit: this is defined as patterns of good consumption that would lead to optinum health and maintain quality life. Meals consisting of all food groups and providing the essential nutrients in the right proportion must be consumed.

      Unhealthy eating habit: This results from poor selection and irregular consumption of inadequate foods over a long period of time. The effect could become prominent on the persons health.

                 IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY FEEDING HABITS               

     Healthy or proper nutrition and habits can help you

1 – Look and feel better

2- Have more energy

3- Prevent you from getting some diseases later in life. eg- Diabetes,Obesity, Heart disease.

4- Have body better equipped to heal fast and properly,than a poorly nourished one.


1- Eat a variety of foods -Eat food from all the food groups.

2- Balance the food you eat with physical activity.

3- Always eat three balance meals every day.

4- Choose nutritious food in a conscious way.

5- Choose diet with plenty of grain products,vegetables and fruits.

6- Choose diet that is low in saturated fat,and cholestrol.

7- Choose a diet that is moderate in sugar.

8- Choose a diet that is moderate in salt and sodium.


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