All Saints Secondary school
Jss 3 Home Economics
Week 9

Topic-Simple Fabric Finishes
Fabric finishes are treatments given to fabrics after construction to help improve the appearance and handle of the fabrics. These finishes include:
1-Luster or sheen finishes;These give a glossy or lustrous appearance to fabrics eg. Mercerization and glazing.
2- Drip- drying finish; This an easy-care finish to help prevent creasing or wrinkling.
3-Crease resistant finishes; Given to fabrics that crease easily to prevent creasing.
4- Shrink-resistant finishes;They control the amount of shrinkage in a fabric when it is washed.
5- Water-repellant finishes;They make fabric resist wetting by water.
6- Flame-resistant finishes;They prevent fabrics from flaming and burning up quickly.
7- Moth-proof finshes; They prevent fabrics from being attacked by moth.

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