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The female reproductive system includes the ovaries which produce the ovum enclosed by the Graffian follicles and some hormones such as the Estrogen.
A matured egg is released from the ovary, the female animal comes into heat and is willing to mate with the male animal.
This is the fusion of the male and female sex cells; it takes place in the fallopian tube or oviduct
This is the attachment of the egg to the wall of the uterus. The development of the foetus takes place in the uterus. Below the uterus is the vagina that receives the spermatozoa during copulation. There is an external opening called Vulva which terminates the females reproductive system.
When the foetus is implanted in the uterus for development, some embryonic membranes like the chorion, allantois, and a yolk sac are formed. The embryo lies in this sac filled with amniotic fluid which serves as buffer or shock absorber to the embryo. This ensures the protection of the embryo.
The allantois forms a sac which is excretory, respiratory and nutritive in contributes to the formation of the placenta. The yolk sac provides the food during the early stages of the of embryonic development. The chorion forms the outer membrane enveloping all these structures.
The placenta establishes an intimate connection between the embryo and the mother which aids nutritional, respiratory and excretory needs of the embryo.
The placenta and the embryo are connected by the umbilical cord which develops from the allantois. The
umbilical cord links the parental and foetal blood supply.
At the end of the gestation period (from fertilization to birth) parturition (giving birth) takes place during which the foetus is pushed out through the vagina. The remaining part of the embryonic membrane known as the Afterbirth is sent out after the birth of the foetus.

1. Draw and label the reproductive system of a cow.
2. Explain the meaning of the following terminologies,
I. Fertilization ii. Parturition iii. Gestation iv. Lactation
3. Explain the function of the placenta during gestation.
B. with a large labelled diagram, explain the formation of egg in poultry

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