Ruth serves her mother in law
Elimelech of Bethlehem took his wife Naomi and their two sons chilion and mahlon to Moab because of famine in Judea.
Shortly Elimelech died and later his two sons died . Naomi was left with her two daughters in law Ruth and orpah .
When naomi resolved to go back to Judah,she begged her daughters in law to go back to their father’s house .orpah went back to her people but Ruth did not abandon her old mother in law but served her faithfully, God blessed her with a wealthy husband Boaz she gave birth to obed the grand father of king David

Characteristics/ qualities of good and faithful service

1) selflessness

2) loyalty

3) faithfulness

4) dedication/ hardworking

5) Accountability

6) God fearing

1) they rendered their service with strong faith in God
2) they were humble and submissive to their master and mistress
3) they did not serve with the aim of making personal gain
4) they were selfless in service and willing to help others more than themselves.
5) both were hard working and faithful in service

Life in God’s service ( Peter 2:18-25)

Christians in the service of God should follow the good example of Jesus Christ who render faithful and logical service to God and endure the suffering that we
might encounter.
In the Bible Peter advised servants to be submit to their master , both the good and bad ones.he also advised that there is no glory for suffering justly.
God is our king and we are his servants in all suffering,and trouble, we should not complain or fight back , we should leave all matters in the hands of God in whose service we are saved

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