SS 1:

  1. External Processes of Landforms Development: Denudation, Weathering and Mass movement / Mass wasting.
  2. Introduction to Map Reading: Types of map; three major types of scale; size of scale; conversion from one scale to another.
  3. Map Reading : Measurement of distance, direction and bearing.
  4. Weather and Climate: Definition of weather and Climate; Factors affecting weather and climate ; Elements of weather and climate; Measurement of weather and climate.
  5. Effects of Climatic Elements: rainfall, temperature, wind, pressure, cloudcover.
  6. The Ocean: Major oceans of the world; Economic importance of ocean to man; Relief of the ocean.
  7. Salinity of the ocean and Ocean current.
  8. Major World Climates: Greek System of Climate Classification
  9. Koppen System of Climate Classification.
  10. Assessment/ Revision /Examination


SS 2:

  1. World Settlement : Definition of Settlement ; Classification of Settlement based on types, shapes and sizes.
  2. Urbanization : Definition ; Problems of Urbanization; Interdependence between Urban and Rural Areas.
  3. World Transportation
  4. World Manufacturing Industries : Characteristics of Manufacturing Industries in Tropical Africa ; Major Classification of Manufacturing Industries ; Concentration of Industries; Contributions of the Industrial sector to Economic Development ; Problems of Manufacturing Industries in Tropical Africa and Solutions.
  5. World Trade
  6. Nigeria : Location, Position and Size.
  7. Relief and Drainage of Nigeria
  8. Climate, Vegetation and Soil in Nigeria
  9. Population of Nigeria
  10. Assessment / Revision /Examination


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