SS2 Third Term Scheme of Work for English Language

  1. Vocabulary Development :Words associated with sports, Listening comprehension for implied meanings
  2. Spoken English:Unstressed vowel sounds, Reading Comprehension to summarize longer selections
  3. Writing for Communication:Letter writing (formal letters), English Grammar; nominalization
  4. Vocabulary Development:Word modifiers,Listening Comprehension to speeches and other presentations
  5. Spoken English:Intonation expressing surprise /disbelief,Reading Comprehension for critical evaluation
  6. English Grammar:Phrasal verbs,Vocabulary Development:Suffixes
  7. Listening Comprehension for details and examples,Spoken English:Speaking skills on arguments or debates
  8. Reading Comprehension for specific structural patterns
  9. English Grammar:Complex Sentence structure.


Download here SS2 Third Term-WPS Office


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