Basic Technology JssI scheme of work
Wk1 : Wood work hand tools; definition of wood work hand tools, classification
of wood work hand tools, sketches and uses of appropriate measuring
Tools, setting and marking out tools
Wk2:  combination sets Driving tools; sketches and uses of combination set and
Driving tools
Wk3:  Boring tools and holding devices; definition of boring tools, sketches and
Users of boring tools, definition of holding devices, Holding devices; bench
Wk4 : cutting tools and pairing tools; definition of cutting tools, cutting and
Pairing tools; tenon saw ,smoothing plane,spoke shaves,e.t.c.
Wk5:  Energy, work and power; Concept of energy, forms of energy, uses of
Wk6 : Work;Definition of work and power ,units of work and power
Wk7 : Basic Electronic devices; Definition of electronic devices,
electronic devices :resistor, capacitors, transistors,
Wk8:  Electronic devices;Basic emission theory methods of electronic
Emissions ;simple thermionic,primary emission, photo electric emission,
Wk9:  Simple blue print Reading; Definition of blue print, building symbols,

Wk10 : Concept of maintenance; Definition of maintenance, types of
Wk11:  Assignment /Revision /Examination



3rd term scheme of work for Jss2

Wk1:  metal work hand tools; sketches and uses of Measuring tools, marking and
Setting out tools
Wk2:  Driving tools and combination set;identification, sketches, uses of various
Driving tools:punches, screw driver, e.t.c.
Wk3:  cutting tools; sketches and uses of various cutting tools : chisel,flies, e.t.c.
Wk4 : Energy based technological appliances ; definition of energy, examples
of electrical based appliances, types of conversion of energy by appliance
Wk5:  Energy based technological appliances :principle operation of pressing
Wk6:  Transmission and utilization of electricity ;definition of transmission,
Transmission of electric power at low or high frequencies
Wk7:  How electricity is supplied to domestic homes
Wk8 : simple maintenance; meaning of maintenance, types of maintenance
Wk9:  Site preparation :site preparation and equipment
Wk10 : Setting out; setting out materials
Wk11:  assignment /Revision /Examination

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