3rd Term Scheme of work for ss1 mathematics
Wk1 construction; construction of a perpendicular line, to cònstruct bisector of
an angle, construction of Angele 45

Wk2 Construction of triangles and Quuadrilaterals
Wk3 Locus of a point
Wk4 proof of some basic theorem

Wk5 Trigonometry; Trigonometric ratios, special angles, application of trig
Ratio of special angles
Wk6 Mensuration; Length of an arc of circle, perimeter of a sector and
Segment, surface area and volume of solid
Wk7 Surface area of solid shapes
Wk8 Statistics; Introduction to statistics, frequency tables, graphical
representation of data
Wk9 Statistics 2;pie chart, histogram, histogram, frequency polygon
Wk10 Group data;Group data and class boundary, class mark and cumulative
Wk11 Assignment /Revision /Examination

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