Social Studies scheme of work for third term JSS 1

*Contemporary social problems in Nigeria.

*Meaning of social problems.

*Social problems in Nigeria- examination malpractice, electoral malpractice, corruption, fraud, cultism, poverty, drug abuse, drug trafficking, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, armed robbery

*Causes of social problems.

*Effects of social problems.

* Solutions to social problems.

*Our roles in promoting safety in our community.

* Meaning of safety.

* Need for safety.

*Safety measures in the home.

* Safety measures in the school.

* Safety measures in work places.

* Safety guidelines for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.



1) What are social problems?

2) Define examination malpractice and give five forms of examination malpractice.



Social Studies scheme of work for 3rd term JSS 2.

* Drug/ substance abuse

* Meaning of harmful substances.

* Meaning of drugs. Meaning of drug abuse.

* Forms of drug abuse.

*Consequences of drug abuse on the individual, nation and international community.

*Ways of discouraging drug abuse in Nigeria.

* Drug trafficking – meaning, reasons for drug trafficking, dangers of drug trafficking and solutions to drug trafficking.



1) What is a drug?

2) Define drug abuse.



Social Studies scheme of work for 3rd term JSS 3

* Meaning of cultism, causes of cultism, consequences of cultism, solutions to cultism.



Answer the NECO 2019 past question.


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