Class: SS2A &B

 Subject: Mathematics

 Topic: Graphical Representation of data

 Sub- Topic: Histogram

Date of Submission: Monday 11th May 2020


Introduction: Histogram is a graphic display of frequency distribution. It is plotted frequency on the y- axis against upper class boundary or class interval on the x-axis for grouped data.

It can be used for both ungrouped and grouped data.

N/B: For in depth understanding, consult ur New General Maths for SS2


                          Home Drill

  1. The table below gives the distribution of marks of 50 students in an examination.


Mark (%) 20-29 30 -39 40-49 50- 59 60- 69 70 -79
Number of student   4   7   20   9   6   4


  1. Calculate the mean mark
  2. Draw a histogram for the distribution.
  3. Use your histogram to estimate, correct to 1 dp, the mode

     Download here SS2A&B

Submit on Monday 11th May 2020 at the security post between 8am to 10am


6 Thoughts to “Mathematics for SS 2 (Graphical Representation of Data)”

  1. Eustace

    The number 3 question are we to find the mode
    Cause i don’t understand the one dp stuff

    1. allsaintssecschool

      Find the mode but let it be correct to 1 decimal place

      1. Raphael

        Yes. u are right

    2. Raphael

      The question is in oder. First, u draw the histogram of the data and from it u obtain the mode of the distribution to one decimal place as required.

  2. Martin

    How am I going to submit it if I’m not within Rivers State

  3. Raphael

    OK. You can submit via whatsapp @ 07035773326

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