Scheme of work for SS2

3rd Term; Literature in English 2019/2020. Academic session.

1. Introduction of the text ” Let me die alone. Setting and plot of the text . The playwright; John kolosa kargbo.

2. Analysis of the setting and plot vis-a-vis textual analysis.

3. Major characters such as madam Yoko , Gbanya , Ndapi, Lamboi, Jilo

4. Other characters; Governor; Dr Samuel Rowe, Lasana , Jeneba, Sande dancers and others.

5. Subject matter of the text .

Gender issues, colonial interference, power tussle, quest for power, lust and it’s effect.

6. Description of characters, roles of characters in the text.

7. Dramatic techniques used in the text; symbolism, imagery, flashback, foreshadow, diction, structure etc

8. Introduction of the poem ” Bat” by D. H Lawrence.

Presentation of the poem Bat.

Background of the poet
D. H Lawrence

9. Poetic devices
A. Structure, diction, figures of speech used.

10. Subject matter and themes of the text.

11. Memorization of the poem ” Bat ” by D. H Lawrence by the students.

12. Revision

13. Examination

14. Closure.



Week 1 Assignment

1. What is setting?

Discuss the setting of ” let me die alone”

2. Highlight on the textual analysis of the text.

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