Exercise: Read the passage below, and write the following in complete sentences.

(1)In one sentence, describe a family.

(2)In one sentence, state what Professor Wolfgang Haak’s study says about the nuclear family.


The Family

A nuclear family is a family group consisting of a father and mother and their children, who share living quarters. The opposite of the nuclear family is the extended family in which, apart from members of the nuclear family, also comprises other relatives such as uncles, aunts,cousins and nephews. Nuclear family structures date back thousands of years. In its general meaning,the term nuclear refers to a central entity or nucleus around which others collect.
According to Professor Wolfgang Haak of Adelaide University, the nuclear family is natural Homo sapiens (the present generation of the human species). A 2005 archeological dig in Elan,Germany, analysed by Haak,revealed genetic evidence suggesting that the individuals found in a grave were closely related. Haak said,”By establishing the genetic links between the two adults and two children buried together in one grave, we have established the presence of the classic nuclear family in a prehistoric context in Central Europe.”Most modern Western cultures are dominated by the nuclear family mentality.
The term extended family has been generally used to refer to grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, whether they live together within the same household or not. It may also refer to a family unit in which several generations live together within a single household.In India, the family is a patriarchal rather than a matriarchal society, with the sons’ families often staying under a single roof.In this kind of setup, work is shared among the members, often unequally.The women are often housewives and cook for the entire family.The patriarch of the family (often the oldest male member) lays down the rules judges disputes. Other senior members of the household baby-sit infants when their mothers are working. They are also responsible for teaching the younger children their mother tongue, manners and etiquette.
Most extended family houses often have a large reception area and a common kitchen. Each family has its own bedroom. The members of the household also look after one another if a member is ill.

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