Jss 2 3rd term scheme


  1. Types of Dance
  2. Dance as a career
  3. Self control
  4. Nigerian Traditional Art ( Nok, Ife, Igbo Ukwu, Benin)
  5. Contemporary Nigerian Art and Artists


Jss2 Cultural and Creative Art Note


Topic : Types of Dance

The three types of dance are –

Pure dance : This is a kind of dance that has to do with the movement of the body following a set rhythm. It does not have acting scene.

Dramatic dance: This is a kind of dance in which the performer puts up an act in line with the dance.

It has demonstrations in the process.

Comic dance: This is the dance that has funny displays which makes people to laugh.


Note : Dance cannot take place if there is no body movement


Assignment : List the different careers one can make out of dance.

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