Literature in English for Jss2

Prose text Analysis
Content/ Plot
Ezeofia by Linda Okpara
🔸Ignorance/ Lack of Civilization
🔸Family Bond against person interest
🔸Humility/ positive obstinacy
🔸Forgiveness/ Reconciliation.

🔹Ignorance/ lack of Civilization; Mazi Ezeofia Udenze held firmly until what he was born into (tradition of the land), to the people of Amasaa nothing must come close to their tradition thus it is worshipped and any one who does not give attention likewise deserve to die. The people lived with this, moved from one generation to the other till this present age. Education has been adopted but Christianity is a taboo, no son of the soil mentions that name, any man whose children/ family member joins them loses his birth right. Therefore the Christians were treated like outcast, the Christians here were mainly strangers and widows who sought solace and used the place as hide out from kinsmen’s oppression, intimidation etc.

🔹Family Bond Against Personal Interest; In Amasaa, Ekwetekwe is an annual festival where they honour an outstanding son of the soil with a befitting traditional tittle in appreciation for his philanthropical and unquestionable character which made him a true representative of his people. This year, Mazi Ezeofia has been chosen but a clause is added therefore he needs to clear the air and prove himself worthy of the Nze na Oso title. An honor people could do anything to have at this point, he needs the corporation of his family members. Meanwhile this, to a large extent could be described as double blessing because Mazi Ezeofia had been nominated for an enviable position in the community, his daughter, Ogbonne would be married soon and Okey, who was expelled from the university on account of cultism had gained admission broad to study medicine. His joy grew indescribably it was only time for all these things to be played out but he was unfortunate, according to him because before he could count these blessings of his, other challenges crept in and he needed to get through them before the people begin to see him as “incapable” first his children joined the Christianity which was abominable to him, while he tried to stop them, his wife joined he lost sight if his position as father and almost killed them, he went as far as taking them to a native doctor whom he contracted to cure them of their madness. When the girl rejected her suitor because he is not a Christian and the boy refused to travel claiming he needed to take care of his Christian life first. The wife and children had to run away for safety until the situation is put under control. The major fear of Mazi is that he would lose the title which must never happen

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