SS  1  Biology Note

Topic : Ecological Factor

It is any factor which can cause changes in any habitat (aquatic or terrestrial).

         Classification of Ecological Factors

Ecological factor can be classified into (a) Abiotic factor (non -living factors) and (b) Biotic factors (living factor)

Abiotic Factors: They are  wind, temperature, humidity, water current , rainfall, pressure, turbidity, tidal action/ movement, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, mineral salt, salinity, PH,

Edaphic factors or soil factors (soil water content, PH, structure, texture, nutrients, and soil profile) to prographic factors (hills, mountains and valleys).

Biotic Factors: These include plants and animals as well as other living things that affect a particular habitat.

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List the abiotic factors common to

  1. Aquatic habit
  2. Terrestrial habitat
  • All habitats.

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