Agricultural science SS1 third term Scheme of work.

 WK( 1 )Rock formation.

(2)Types of rock

(3)Process of soil formation

(4)Soil formation

(5)Soil profile development

(6)Types of soil:sandy soil,properties

(7)Types of Soil :-clay soil,properties, loamy soil, importance of soil

(8)Component of the soil :mineral matter, soil water,types,importance

(9)Components of the soil :soil air, living organisms

(10)Determination of pH scale :soil pH,soil texture, structure)

(11)Simple farm tools :meaning, types of simple farm tools.





Agricultural Science SS2 third term scheme of work.

wk(1)Diseases of crops: meaning/ effects of diseases of crop.

(2)Pest of Crops: classification of Pests, important pest of major crops, general control/economic importance of weed.

(3)Weeds: meaning/Types,effects of weeds. Methods of Weed control: physical /biological methods

(4)Types,classification of farm animals :according to the nature of their digestive system,habitat,uses

(5)Anatomy and physiology of farm animals

(6)Animal reproduction

(6)Oestrus cycle :heat period, signs of heat period

(7)Mating:meaning/types,artificial insemination

(8-9)Terminologies in reproduction; ovulation, parturition, fertilisation, lactation

(10)The mammary gland

(11)Environmental physiology.



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