Capitalisation is the act of using the large form of the English alphabet known as capital letter or upper case in writing.Examples of such letters are as follows:A,B,C,C,D,E,F,e.t.c.In writing sentences in the English Language, one is expected to use capital letter in writing some letters, and this now calls for rules guiding its uses.

The following are when to use capital letters in writing:
1.The first letter of the first word of every sentence, including complete direct quotations must always appear in capital letter.E.g.
a)My name is Uche.
b)The man said,”It is well”.
2.Capital letter appears after every full stop, question mark and exclamation mark in sentences.E.g.
a)O God! What is this? Please,save us.
3.Proper nouns also begin with capital letters.E.g.
a) Peter has not gone to Obigbo Market before now.
4.The pronoun “I”, must always be written in capital letter wherever it appears in a sentence.E.g.
a)I believe that I can make it if I work hard.
5.Names of sacred books, important festivals and followers of a particular religion equally appear in capital letters.E.g.
a) Some Christians only read the Holy Bible during Easter.
6.Academic degrees and their abbreviations equally begin with capital letters.E.g.
a) Bachelor of Law—LL.B.
b) Doctor of Philosophy —Ph.D.
7.Titles of books,plays and periodicals also begin with capital letters.E.g.
a)l like the film, Coming into America.
b) Have you read The African Night Entertainment?



Insert the appropriate capital letters in the following: will I get through university now that mr johnson has stopped paying for my scholarship? is forbidden in islam and christianity to desecrate holy books.
3.’get out of the class,’ the class captain john cameron shouted.
4.professor ayodele awojobi, the first nigerian to earn a doctor of science degree, described science as ‘nothing more than a refinement of everyday thought.

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