Literature In English for JSS1
Prose Text Analysis
Plot Analysis

The Saint by Tade Adegbindin
Analysis by The play reveals;
🔹The level of deception that can be hidden in the hearts of men
🔹Clash of religious practices in relation to the mind set, attitude and general life style of the people involved.
Baba Agba , a renowned IFA Priest could be applauded for his uprightness, he was accommodating, kind yet powerful his clients came from far and near but he never added traditionalist. He is the complete opposite of his son who turned out to a complete pretender.
Ladepo was a teacher, he could not take care of his only son and wife, he had to send the boy to the village at a young age to live with his parents. He became tired of thus lifestyle, went home, returned to the city with his son, opened a church and became rich within a short time. The irony of the whole thing is that Aremu would never agree with his father. The lived on different parts of the planet and addressed issues thus, they were cat and dog. Aremu fell in love with an “infidel” and refused to listen to his father in order to save his face from the shame, Aremu was sent to London overnight on the agreement that he would study Theology, come back and join his father in the church but when he got there, he applied for Philosophy. The father was mad to tame him, Ladepo disowned his only child, swore never to have anything to do with him again in life. Aremu married Adetoun , they lived for years without a child and Aremu came back to find solution in his root. Meanwhile Baba Agba had died and Ladepo refused to bury him because he died a traditionalist but after his burial, he took away all Hus materials claiming he went to burn them.
Adetoun insisted Aremu reconcile with his family but the move didn’t come out well. Aremu was taken by Timi his friend and they met Alamutu, an IFA Priest who did not know his right from his left and in anger Aremu left before they went to see Baba Fawolu who appeared sincere to them while they were about to leave a loyal son of the priest came in, the young men followed them until they caught Ladepo amidst human sacrifice (ritual). Aremu was able to rescue the victim but the next day news headline had it that Ladepo’s car ran into the river and he died before help could come for him but Aremu strongly believes that it was not an accident, it was deliberate, to shut him up knowing that Aremu would expose him. Ladepo succeeded in making everybody believe that he is the Saint until he was caught red handed in the same act for which he punished his father and some other people.


1. whom do you think is the saint in the text?
2. With examples from the text justify the religious lifes of Ladepo and Aremu .
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